"Ultimately it's the vision and the true motivation of the people, which determine whether a brand has charisma and authenticity. Design has thereby the role to materialize and stage those visions."

lutzkucher design brand innovation

There are many brands. Most of them don't stand for much.
A few brands however truly touch us. They do, because they
stand for people with a vision and their courage to make it happen.
Whether they are aware of it or not, but most likely they follow
6 principles, which I consider as the success factors for any future
brand development:

1. People make the difference
2. Trustworthy and authentic
3. 2 steps ahead, whenever possible
4. Clear brand message
5. The sum of all brand experiences matters
6. Innovative culture and -processes make the difference

These principles are for companies challenge and motivation alike.
They are the true source of fascinating brands and their inspiring